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Heal Your Life 2 day workshop

August 2021

St Helens, Merseyside. UK

This 2 day workshop meets you where you are so however new or seasoned you are on your self discovery journey this workshop is for YOU!

About this Event...

I fell in love with the work of Louise Hay in 2000; a time of my life when I really needed to make changes. Using the easy to apply principles of affirmations & positive thinking gave me the leverage I needed for big shift, personal growth & change. This two day Heal Your Life Workshop is a deeply transformational experience, often participants are amazed at how much shift happens in just 2 days! This workshop meets you where you are so however new or seasoned you are on your personal journey of discovery & growth this workshop is for you. Find your authentic self & feel the courage to live as the best version of you. My approach is Heart Centred & Spirit Guided; I facilitate a safe supportive space for your workshop experience. Register your interest now in this 2 day programme coming in August 2021... you ARE worth it. Much love and many blessings Rev Deb

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Rev Deb Connor is deeply intuitive. She is a fun & supportive workshop facilitator.  An intuitive artist, who has sold her artwork worldwide, she is also a Spiritual & Creativity coach.  Rev Deb, an Interfaith Minister & Daoist Priest, trained as a Visual Medicine (TM) workshop facilitator under the expert guidance of master artist Suzette Clough; the originator of Visual Medicine(TM).  A certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach Rev Deb brings all of her wisdom, unique creativity, Spirituality & experience to her workshops.

Visual Medicine creation by Rev Deb Conn

Visual Medicine (TM) is a beautiful and gentle Spiritual practice using creativity. This exquisite no brush painting technique allows your Soul to speak, bringing forth your inner guidance and connecting you to the Universal wisdom that is inside you.  Join Rev Deb for your journey of self-discovery through the medium of creative practice. No artistic skills required.  All equipment is provided for you.  

Forthcoming One Day Visual Medicine(TM) workshops with Rev Deb:

  • Sunday 26th September 2021

  • Sunday 31st October 2021

  • Sunday 28th November 2021

  • Sunday 19th December 2021


One day Visual Medicine(TM) Workshop Fee: £185 per person

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